Breen Recruitment provide the following core services.

  • Recruitment: End-to-end Search and Selection of CEO’s, their direct reports and professional staff in a range of disciplines and specialisations.

  • Market Mapping Projects: Researching and mapping top talent.

Roles that Breen Recruitment sources include as follows

CEO’s, General Managers, COO’s and their direct reports.

Heads of roles, their reports and specialist positions:

  • Program Development
  • Advocacy
  • Volunteer Program Management
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • General Professional Staff (including HR, Finance & IT)


Heads of Fundraising, their reports and specialist roles:

  • Development
  • Bequests, Major Donors / Gifts
  • Philanthropy
  • Database Management
  • Supporter Services
  • Direct Marketing
  • Regular Giving
  • Events
  • Corporate Partnerships


Breen Recruitment offer two recruitment processes:

Advertised Search

Combining on-line advertising and Search


We believe that in a media and digital saturated era, the top talent must be sought out in the market. This applies not only to “executive” and very senior positions, but to professional and specialist roles at various levels.

Breen Recruitment’s key focus is therefore on Search methodology.

Search is the art of identifying the very best candidates based on merit and capability. Success begins with deep data mining, using specialist technological applications.

We apply our expertise in using Search technology along with our 25 years’ experience in taking and applying a comprehensive and accurate brief from our clients and identifying potential candidates and referrers.

Finally, we engage candidates and steward them through the recruitment process to a successful outcome for clients and candidates alike.

We offer our expertise on a cost-effective basis.

We thrive on recruiting unique roles in complex environments.

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